Time to make the right choices

Time to make the right choices

Choose Yes: Ysabella and the Clean Beauty

Time passes, even in the period of Covid19, even when everything seems still and immutable.
This unique historical period has given everyone time for something really important: making the right choices.
More and more often I hear people who are passionate about the environment and sustainability, people who have become aware of the fact that with their daily gestures they can make a difference.
The slower rhythms of this last year have put us in front of difficult choices, face to face with the reality of our lives, not always adhering to what we would have wished for. It was at that moment that we took these unsatisfactory realities in hand and we began to react, we took the time to make the right choices, all those choices that we had always put off because… we didn’t have time.
I have heard dozens of stories of this type: there are those who have finally started a more careful diet, those who have informed themselves about topics they did not know by reading books or watching documentaries, those who have started a path of personal growth, perhaps with a therapist , who has reviewed his priorities, in terms of consumption, materiality and spirituality.
In all these very different actions I saw a small but fundamental common denominator, the desire to take a more sustainable step; when we do something not only for our own good, but for the good of everyone and the planet, then we act sustainably.
Suddenly I realized that, during this period of stalemate, everyone, absolutely everyone, asked the fateful question “What is this sustainable development that everyone is talking about?”.
I don’t want to say that we have all embraced sustainability as a new lifestyle, but at least the direction taken is encouraging: less meat consumption, more walking, more attention to waste, recycling and above all, buying!

What is Yes:Ysabella?

So here I come to the core of our article: every woman buys make-up and personal cosmetics products, but more and more women are paying attention to what they buy.
They only use suppliers they know well, they know how to operate in terms of respect for the environment and their employees, even at the expense of a smaller choice of products.
What then, let’s face it, 10 lipsticks aren’t enough? Do we really have to choose between 50?
Of course it is not easy to always keep up with the latest brands coming out, those that perhaps could be more suitable for the needs of each of us, products that meet the most important standards for us, companies that also deal with minority needs or simply small businesses of the territory.
The road to sustainable change is almost always the one closest to home, but if this is not available and you need a personal shopper for personal cosmetics, the site I am about to present to you is the one for you.

Why choose Yes:Ysabella?

It was with great pleasure that when Yes:Ysabella asked us for an interview on the topic of sustainability in the travel sector, we responded with enthusiasm: not only because this allows us to spread a message that is very important to us, but because we has allowed us to know and introduce you to a serious and reliable site from which to start making more informed choices in our daily actions.


Time to make the right choices: here is the Home Page of the “Yes:Ysabella” site

YES: Ysabella is the new point of reference for the clean beauty movement, dealing with natural and organic cosmetics but also with everything related to greater awareness in the field of cosmetic consumption. A very useful starting point for those approaching a more sustainable and “clean” cosmetic for the first time, but defining it only as a Clean Beauty site seems reductive to us: its attention is also considerably directed to the environment, we liked them very much his small-big attention on zero-emission shipments (made by bike in the city of Milan) and on recyclable packaging.
In short, as we always say, consistency is very important: these are the initiatives we like to support, the ones we hope will take cosmetics to the next level, towards a Green Beauty for consumers and for the Planet.
Do you remember our article on the sustainable beauty case? If you haven’t already read it, take a look at it, we try to give you some concrete advice on how to do your part!

P.S. If you don’t know what Clean Beaty means, we invite you to read our interview where we get a picture of the current state of the movement and give our opinion on it. Obviously continue to inform yourself on your own, always form your own idea! The Yes:Ysabella site will give you many ideas to think about.

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