Hi everyone, my parents called me Marco, I reached and overtook thirty years of age, a good part of them spending travelling. After university and several years of steady employment, I have realized I had other aspirations, so I organized a trip on wheels with one of my best friends: we left Italy with two geared scooters and we arrived in Sydney, Australia after a year on the road (Starwaytosydney project). Once back … I left immediately again(!) working as a photographer in Mexico, Spain and France. My passion for other models of tourism, compared to the conventional ones, was born along the way and it took over me so much that I specialized in the subject by attending a master in Responsible and Sustainable tourism in Rome. Sports in nature, meditation, books, movies and good friends are my cure to the adversity of life. Mary, the one you will read the biography on this page, is my life partner and together we have created this blog of sustainable and responsible travel.



Hi everyone, my name is Maria Antonietta, but everyone calls me Mary except Marco, he has renamed me Mary Jones (if you don’t understand the cinematographic quote, read on).
Since I was a child I have always had two great passions: archaeology and sailing. It was more or less when I realized that I could not choose between them, that I made a decision: in life I would always try to add something new. I’ve collected sports to practice, books to read, movies to watch, languages ​​to study, cultures to discover and time … has grown longer and longer! Everything, which I dedicated my energy, made me feel constantly changing and exploring: the sailor inside of me was always looking for new horizons and I mostly found them on the geographical atlas. Looking for new places to go was my favorite “daydream”, which I realized whenever I could.
After a five-year degree and a master, after so many excavations, underwater reconnaissance and cultural projects I decided to reinvent myself in the sustainable tourism sector and there I found a space for all my skills. Starting from this point, it was born, with the “naughty boy” above, our sustainable and solidarity travel blog PachaMaMa’s.