Our project PachaMaMas


Once upon a time…

In order to explain what PachaMaMa’s is, our sustainable travel blog, we primarily must tell you a little about ourselves: in a life we ​​rarely meet people who share the same aspirations and dreams; it happened to us a year ago when we met each other at a Sustainable Tourism master in Rome.

we were planning itineraries and studying the basic principles of sustainable travel, we fell in love; although we met up at different times in our lives, both of us had a great desire to grow, change, discover, accepting what destiny would offer us. You will understand that in a year we have given birth to dozens of ideas, big dreamed, imagined close and distant goals, designed infinite futures.
We had in mind only one constant: staying together.


On the way we discovered we had many things in common: a love for nature, sports, travel, culture, books; other passions and skills that brought us closer and completed, giving us the security of having a good starting point to carry out our projects with unique contents. Meanwhile, we jokingly asked ourselves: “A photographer and an archaeologist combined together: what they will ever be able to realize?” “Just a great joyful chaos” That’s the answer!

Therefore combining our strengths and capabilities, we created this blog with the aim of deepening with you our idea of ​​traveling, interpreted as an experience to overcome your inner boundaries, interrupting your habits for a period of time, setting aside your self-assurance, to get on way and be surprised by life.

PachaMaMas is not just our travel diary, it wants to be a project in which we will interview and introduce to you travel operators that deal with responsible and sustainable tourism around the world. We’ll design itineraries, putting care and attention towards what we believe is a sustainable and conscious way of travelling. We’re going to publish interesting photographs and videos about the places visited we would like to interact with you on the theme of solidarity and many other topics.

So… What is pachamama?

Pachamama is an evocative, ancient, original, bizarre name (for Europeans). For us it means a return to the origins; in the Quechua language Pachamama or Pacha Mama is the personification of Mother Nature, venerated by the Andean communities of South America. It is a symbol that belongs to an ancient world, in which celebrating the sacredness of life meant respecting nature and every living creature. We chose this name as a tribute to the wonders of Mother Nature, but at the same time it is based on a word pun that is really important to us: MaMa quotes the initials of our names, Marco and Mary. Therefore you understand why MaMa’s: the blog will contain everything that belongs to us, our adventures, our projects, our emotions, but also everything that concerns Nature, its protection and conservation, as well as the respect for the all faraway cultures . We want to bring these values ​​into our travel dimension discovering the world in a conscious way, meeting people that aims to carry forward sustainable tourism projects in their countries of origin.

Where are we going…

All the greatest discoveries are made when we abandon our comfort zone, pushing our limits beyond those mind-boundaries that often imprisons our potential and aspirations. Changing habits, getting to know new ones, immersing yourself in the unknown, flooding senses with new flavors, smells, landscapes and geometries, meeting people who speak different languages, with different cultures, uses and customs propel us into a space and time where we can explore ourselves, our abilities, our ideas and certainties.


Traveling helps to challenge our mind inherited from a present and pressing society; it also allows us to deeply activate our senses, to improve our instinct, to create a personal inner space in which the heart acquires all its strength and capacity, taking confidence and slowly guiding us towards a life fuller and more aware.

Awareness is not a goal of the mind, it exclusively depends on the maturation of our heart, on the ability of all of us to entrust ourselves to its immense wisdom and infinite creativity. There are many ways to start such a journey, one of them is, as we said, travelling.


Like all the animals on this planet, human beings are, by our nature, travelers by instinct, intimately predisposed to migration and adaptation. As a consequence, we naturally, as Mother Nature wants, feel sustainable: we feel the responsibility of every single step and the change it can involve on the visited countries. We can feel that every place upon which we will lay our looks will inevitably change ourselves and the people we will meet along the way can build bridges and break down borders.


So, we don’t want to wait any longer: it is October 2019. In a few days we are leaving for South America, destination Peru and then, following the backbone of the South American continent, the Andes Cordillera, we begin this adventure, with the desire to share it with you.
Maybe we’ll meet along the way.


A big hug,

Marco & Mary

P.S. we really appreciate your feedback, thanks!