The historical “Via delle Genti”

Via delle genti

The historical “Via delle Genti”

Distanza: 8,51 km
Max altitudine: 500 m
Min altitudine: 204 m
Ascesa: 395 m Discesa: 397 m
Tempo: 4 hr
Difficoltà: E (intermedia)


The “Via delle Genti” is an ancient mule track which was the main link between the province of Verbania and Switzerland.

There are written records of this road dating back to 1200BC, but historians speculate that a similar route could already be existed in Roman times.

An ancient rural and mountain civilization lived and moved through this path to reach mountain pastures, mills, streams, fountains and agricultural fields. Their traces are still on the ground for those who want to find them and this itinerary is born to do so.

We will pass through the Camelia’s garden, the famous Castles of Cannero and the beautiful medieval village of Carmine Superiore in a one-way trip in which we will return to the meeting point by boat.

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